Company Profile

Brookstone Property is a leader in residential and commercial construction, rental and sales in Fargo, ND. Founded in 2007 Brookstone Property began renting its first properties. Today, Brookstone owns or manages over 150,000 square feet of residential and commercial property.

Over the last few years, Brookstone has diversified and expanded on its core business to include construction and contracting, as well as property management. In all aspects of what we do, whether we are working with residents, contractors or investors, we maintain the highest level of detail, performance and customer service.

Brookstone believes a company is only as good as the professionals it uses and employs. Below you will find our team of employees. Ask any of the employees how we always get the job done and they will all tell you it is because we are team.

Our Team
Matthew Hauff – President
Kirk Bohner – Lead Foreman
Randy Olson – Project Manager
Caleb Dahl – Carpenter
Ryan Dietrich – Carpenter
Brian Schendel– Carpenter
AJ Haugen – Carpenter
Terry Holland – Finisher
Nick Becker – Master Electrician